Meet Petey! Petey is a spunky two-year-old pittie. He’s as soft as velvet and oh so sweet. We adopted Petey from the Jelly’s Place in Richmond. Petey experienced a rough start to life and was surrendered at the shelter. Something told us he would be a great fit with our family and that we needed to meet him. After a very short foster (to adopt) period, and with the approval of our 10-year-old dog (and former Critter of the Month!) Violet, we adopted Petey last year! Likes: Hugging everyone he meets, food of all kinds (even salad!), squeaky toys, playing tug-of-war with his sister Violet,Read More →

Meet Fancy! Fancy is a 3 year old Turkish Van cat with fluffy white hair and blue eyes (hence her name).  We met because she “came with the apartment” I moved into in Berkeley.  The first day I moved in, she was sitting on the front steps waiting to be let in.  She jumped directly onto my lap even though she was muddy and wet from the rain.  She had been abandoned by the tenents who vacated the small one bedroom apartment before me and had been living in the shared yard ever since.  Fancy is a very social and vocal cat and it wasRead More →

Meet Butters and Puff! Butters: In 2010, I was living in Pittsburgh, PA. I got an email from the local animal shelter saying they had a surplus of cats and were having an adoption sale. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go take a peek. There was a cuddly 2 year old named Liz (later renamed to Butters) that got my attention. She was dealing with an upper respiratory infection, and for the first few weeks together she was the cuddliest, most easygoing lil cutie. As she healed, her feisty self came out and she established herself as the queen of the house. Now IRead More →