Meet Murphy, the Campus Critter of the Month for May. Murphy’s new family reports that he is off to a great start in his forever home!
Murphy Martini is a three-month-old German Shepherd, who is learning how to be the best boy! Murphy was born in Arizona on February 1, 2024. His “Gotcha Day” was April 6. He traveled by party bus from Arizona to San Diego, where the family was vacationing for Spring Break. When Murphy was just 9 weeks old, he went on a plane! We had him in a carry-on dog bag, and he was such a good boy on the flight home. He was two 8-year-old kids he loves, Myles and Luca, and is trying to herd them already.

He is a very happy pup, but does not understand why we don’t live on the beach, as that was his first experience with his new family. You’ll get back to the beach soon, Murphy!

Armpit and belly scratches, all people and dogs, freeze-dried duck hearts, used tissue, old socks, worn out shoes, SF Giants, and water – Murphy likes to rest his chin in water and make a mess.

In the picture of Murphy above you can see him with his stuffy, which is his favorite toy that always calms him down. We call it his “baby”.

a Kirby standing on a tree stump
Being told to “leave it”, hairdryers, having foxtails removed from his fur, windy nights, and 2024 election season.