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Accidents and sudden illnesses can happen to pets anytime, often requiring urgent or emergency veterinary care.

Pet Urgent & Emergency Care in Berkeley, CA

At Campus Veterinary Clinic in Berkeley, CA, we understand the importance of quick and effective treatment when your pet is in need.

a dog with a bandage on its paw

Understanding Pet Urgent & Emergency Care

Pet urgent and emergency care involves immediate medical attention to pets experiencing sudden health issues or injuries. These situations can be stressful and frightening for pet owners, which is why our team of experienced veterinarians and staff are here to provide compassionate and effective care for your pet.

Benefits of Pet Urgent and Emergency Care

  • Prompt Treatment: Urgent or emergency care ensures that your pet receives prompt treatment, which can be crucial in saving their life or preventing further complications.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Our clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, allowing us to quickly assess your pet’s condition and determine the best course of action.
  • Our Availability: While we are not open around the clock, we prioritize accommodating emergencies. If we are fully booked, we may refer, but with openings, urgent appointments are squeezed in. Client care is paramount.
  • Compassionate Care: Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care for your pet, helping to alleviate their pain and discomfort during stressful situations.

When to Seek Pet Urgent & Emergency Care

It’s important to know the signs that indicate your pet may need urgent or emergency care. These signs include:

  • Difficulty Breathing: If your pet is struggling to breathe, it may indicate a serious respiratory issue.
  • Trauma: Any signs of trauma, such as bleeding, fractures, or wounds, should be treated immediately.
  • Seizures: Seizures can be a sign of a serious neurological issue and require immediate attention.
  • Ingestion of Toxic Substances: If your pet has ingested a toxic substance, such as chocolate, medication, or household chemicals, seek immediate veterinary care.
  • Sudden Collapse: If your pet suddenly collapses or is unable to stand, it may indicate a serious health issue. Pale-colored gums are a symptom to look for.

If you notice any of these signs or are concerned about your pet’s health, do not hesitate to seek urgent or emergency care.

Pet urgent and emergency care is a crucial service that can help save your pet’s life in times of crisis. At Campus Veterinary Clinic in Berkeley, CA, we are dedicated to providing prompt and compassionate care for pets in need. Contact us immediately if you believe your pet requires urgent/emergency care.