Meet Butters and Puff!


In 2010, I was living in Pittsburgh, PA. I got an email from the local animal shelter saying they had a surplus of cats and were having an adoption sale. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go take a peek. There was a cuddly 2 year old named Liz (later renamed to Butters) that got my attention. She was dealing with an upper respiratory infection, and for the first few weeks together she was the cuddliest, most easygoing little cutie. As she healed, her feisty self came out and she established herself as the queen of the house. Now I call her my Sour Patch Kid—definitely sweet and a little bit sour! I love her, diva tendencies and all.

Likes: Breakfast, sleeping on our laps, sleeping on her back, sitting like a goose, with her legs folded under, meowing loudly, flopping around in sunny spots, taking over anywhere Puff is sitting, a catnip-filled toy shaped like a sausage and colored like a rainbow…that we call “sausage rainbow”

Dislikes: Pill time, being petted for too long

a cat sitting in a basket

Late one weekday night in Pittsburgh, PA 7 years ago, I was bored and started browsing the free section of Craigslist. I stumbled upon a post looking for a good home for a cute kitty named Puff. I was immediately smitten and figured, why not—what’s one more cat? I picked her up that weekend and when the neighborhood kids saw her as I was bringing her to my car they said “Hey, there’s that nice cat!” I knew for sure I had found a sweetheart.

Likes : Eating puréed pumpkin, lightly snoring when she sleeps, spooning, but only on the perimeter of the bed—never in the middle, being brushed, having her chin scratched, sleeping in her cat carrier and a corner in the bathroom, doing flips with a wand toy, peering over at everyone from the staircase.

Dislikes: Being bossed around by Butters, having her nails trimmed

Puff sitting on a couch<br />