We adopted Viola in August 2005, from the Humane Society of Huron Valley (in Ann Arbor, Michigan), where she stole our hearts the minute we laid eyes on her tiny spotted frame. We adopted her and her brother (Sebastian; RIP 2005-2017), and traveled around the world with them (Michigan-Southern California-Australia) before settling down here.

two cats lying on a cat bed
From day 1, Viola has been a feisty little ball of fur. Her favorite activity is to hunt and catch her “mice”, and she’ll even play fetch with you if you ask nicely enough! She’s quite a proper cat and is normally prim and tidy, but she’s been caught being goofy on a few occasions.
a cat lying on its back on a couch
Viola’s likes: Sitting in boxes, fishing, cuddle time with dad, birdwatching, sunbathing, ear scratches.
Viola’s dislikes: Squirrels, the black cat who lives outside, the vacuum cleaner, nail trimming.
a cat sitting in a laundry basket