Meet Pluma!

Adopted from a shelter 16 years ago, I could immediately tell that Pluma was a sweetie pie–little did I know she would turn out to be a rare Fluffasaurus and Olympic Cuddler. As a kitten, she made me laugh by rolling around on crinkly tissue paper and bags, daring me to tickle her fluffy white tummy, and playing “lion in the tall grass” by peeping through her kitty grass and ducking down whenever I sang out “I can see you.”


Now that she is older and living with kidney disease, arthritis, and more, Pluma likes to be reassured, especially while she’s eating. If I just put food in front of her, she sits next to me and licks my hand to ask me to hold her. She likes to cuddle up and then lean her two front paws over my arm and eat while I pet and encourage her, telling her what a truly fine job she’s doing, smearing food all over my arm while she purrs proudly. 🙂

a Kirby standing on a tree stump

Pluma’s favorite thing is to be under the covers, especially just after I’ve given her IV fluids, when things may feel a little too much (even with her favorite greenies treats). She patiently waits by my pillow while I gather the ice packs I lie on several times a day to manage my chronic pain. As soon as I lie down, she crawls under the covers and drapes herself across my ankles or my arm, purring up a storm.

I feel honored to comfort Pluma, especially as she has generously comforted me as we age together. A friend pointed out that when I start to feel relief from the ice numbing my back, I give a sigh of relief. Immediately, from under the blankets, Pluma sighs in response, and I have to smile at this amazing creature. My health practitioner even calls her “The Great Regulator” because feeling her soft fur and happy purrs has become a signal to my nervous system to release.

Four paws and two thumbs up to Dr. Lee and all the extraordinarily gifted and caring staff at Campus Vet (including former doctor Dr. Hannahbess)! You all have been endlessly patient in offering ways to keep Pluma as happy and healthy as possible. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have such trustworthy partners to take care of this fluffy cuddle bug, who is such a blessing in my life.