Hello everyone! I’m Guinness (the blue Frenchie) and I’m 15 months old. I
was born in Southern California, and now lives and plays in Oakland.
I love going to dog parks and playing with all my friends, but what I love most of all is walking around and meeting new people.
Cider sitting on rug
Hi all! I’m Cider (the pied Frenchie), and I’m 3 months old.
Like my big brother, Guinness, I was born in Southern California and found my way up north to be with him. Though I love playing with my big brother and other dogs in the neighborhood, I really prefer to sleep and take it easy.
Rest assured, when I’m awake; I’ve got tons of puppy energy to tire even the most wide-eyed dogs (and humans)
Cider sitting on rug
We’re so honored and happy to be Critters of the Month for Campus Veterinary Clinic. We love all the attention we get from Dr. Lee and the entire staff at the clinic. They keep us so healthy and strong, and give us treats whenever we’re nervous! If you happen to see us there, don’t be afraid to come say hi — we’ll probably stare at you until you do.

Guinness and Cider