Meet Fancy! Fancy is a 3-year-old Turkish Van cat with fluffy white hair and blue eyes (hence her name). We met because she “came with the apartment” I moved into in Berkeley. The first day I moved in, she was sitting on the front steps waiting to be let in. She jumped directly onto my lap even though she was muddy and wet from the rain. She had been abandoned by the tenants who vacated the small one-bedroom apartment before me and had been living in the shared yard ever since. Fancy is a very social and vocal cat and it was clear that I was going to adopt her shortly after I met her. Dr Pierson and the fabulous vet techs at Campus Veterinary Clinic helped me navigate the adoption process and she’s been my bud ever since.

Fancy lying on couch
Likes: Just about any small piece of garbage she finds on the floor to play with, toys that squeak, feathers, sitting in the sun, having her belly rubbed, smashing the patriarchy, any and all human attention.
a cat lying on a couch with a ball of yarn
Dislikes: Having her nails clipped, rides in car, sharing human attention with her step-sister Asta.
a cat sitting on a bed