Molly_LarsonaIt’s not easy picking an outstanding critter to feature on our blog. We have so many to choose from! Miss Molly Larson waltzed into our offices the other day and laid on her boxer charm. She got us hook, line and sinker! Although she doesn’t always like to visit the vet she is a very brave and stoic lady. She may be a senior but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all that life has to offer! Her companion Erika shares:

Molly is a 13 year old boxer/pug (bug) who was adopted as a puppy from the Sonoma County animal shelter. I met her when she was 8 and her previous companion could no longer care for her. I was asked by Molly’s auntie if I had room in my home for her, and I did! Her newest nickname is “grandma.”

Likes: sleeping, butt scratches, seaweed and parties

Dislikes: going to the vet, large groups and loud people