Meet Cashew! We first met Cashew at an adoption event for the Stonecliff rescue group where he was the most snuggly, best behaved puppy we’d ever met. We marvel daily at how much we love him, and how much goofy entertainment and joy he brings to our lives. He loves nothing more than ball, but treats and hikes are a close second. His biggest fear are the hellbeasts known as city buses with their loud, large, terrifying drive-bys.Read More →

Meet Tefnut! Tefnut (Tef-newt) Sweet-Woods (we call her Teffy as well) was born in a litter in the Santa Cruz area. We were looking for a companion for our very active, intelligent, outspoken and mischievous Siamese male named Shu. Our family has long been fan of the Birman breed because of how familial and smart they are. When we saw the posting that Teffy was up for adoption as a tiny kitten, we immediately made the drive and tried not to get our hopes up. Luckily, she came home with us the same day. Tefnut is fairly soft spoken and subtle. Her name is aRead More →

Meet Violet! How we met: We found Violet when she was two months old and living with a local foster family from the Sniffing Snouts pit bull rescue group. She was laid back and came with an adult-sized snore. Violet loves to play, especially with other dogs and her foster brother, Phife Dog. But she’s just as happy to be the center of attention in a roomful of people, too. A natural-born ham, we’re convinced Violet is equal parts pit bull and couch potato. We hope once she recovers from surgery that she’ll be able to chase the frisbee again at the park. Likes: —Read More →

Meet Galileo! Galileo arrived in Berkeley by way of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  In his earlier homes, he lived with several canine siblings – he finally moved here for an opportunity to rule the roost, which he strongly prefers!  He mostly spends his days drinking water out of the bathtub tap, napping near the radiator, and occasionally waking up to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.  It’s a good life. Likes: –         Belly rubs –         Being the #1 pet in the house –         TREATS! –         Burrowing into blankets, piles of laundry, etc. and sleeping for more   hours in a row than anyone can believeRead More →

Start Young. As with most forms of “good behavior,” good traits are easiest to learn while your pet is young, so get her used to accompanying you in the garden at an early age. Work on setting boundaries and providing limits as to where the dog is allowed to be and where she is not. Want her to keep clear of your prized petunias? Teach her that with firm commands and rewards to reinforce obedience. And don’t assume puppies can’t learn. Even puppies as young as six weeks old can master basic commands. Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone. Spend time with your pet in theRead More →