Foxtail season in Berkeley is officially here, and with it comes a rise in the risk for injury. Foxtail, or hordeum jubatum, is a weed commonly found throughout our neighborhood streets, our hiking locales, and the natural landscape that composes the beauty of Northern California. Foxtails go unnoticed during the rainy season, spreading rampantly and flourishing under the environmental conditions. With the advent of summer these weeds begin to dry, growing brittle as they change from grass green to flaxen in color. It is at this state in the foxtail’s lifecycle that it poses a serious and potentially life-threatening risk to our animals. Risks and Symptoms:Read More →

A New Year means new resolutions:  Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle, finally finishing an old project, or catching up with family and friends more often, we do our best to stick to them for as long as we can.  But we can’t forget about our pets when making resolutions for the New Year!  January is National Walk Your Pet Month—a perfect start to the new, healthier year for your pet.  Here are some benefits to keeping your cat or dog active: Improves strength, fitness, flexibility and movement Increases energy levels Helps decrease stress and can help improve you and your pets mood Improves sleep PreventsRead More →