Many pet owners have questions as to why it’s necessary to use anesthesia for dental cleanings.  These are valid concerns and The American Veterinary Medical Association has created a great podcast on that very topic. More pet owners are aware of the importance of dental care for their cats and dogs. But some pet owners are opting for teeth cleanings by non veterinarians at pet stores or groomers instead of a thorough oral examination and cleaning by a veterinarian. Some people are using this option because they believe it is less expensive than going to a veterinarian, or they’re afraid to have their dogs putRead More →

Today marked the last weigh-in for the Campus Vet Biggest Loser competition. We had five fierce competitors but in the end Mochi Neff reigned triumphant. With a starting weight of 16.3lbs, Mochi has now reached 14.1lbs. That adds up to 13.5 % loss in body fat. As a reward for all of Mochi’s  (and owner Paul’s) hard work we are awarding them the grand prize of $500 towards clinic credit. Campus Veterinary Clinic would like to congratulate not only Mochi but all the other contestants for a job well done. As always, if you have any concerns about your pet’s weight or diet you mayRead More →