Does this sound familiar: You’ve just arrived home after a tiring day at the office and you’re greeted by a tornado of energy! Your pup is jumping, spinning, shaking his tail… he’s going absolutely berserk! You inspect the layout of the room; something feels… off. Then you notice it: the couch cushion with bite marks; someone’s ripped out the stuffing! Then you take an even closer look around the room and find your favorite leather boots, demolished. The trash bin in the kitchen has been toppled over and rummaged through, and then you get a call on your cell phone. It’s your neighbor calling toRead More →

Often in our attempt to welcome our new loved one we end up doing them a disservice by giving them free range of our shared living spaces instead of immediately ushering them into an environment of structure and stability through confinement training. Such carelessness is often rooted in goodwill. As new pet parents we want our four-legged family members to feel comfortable in their new home. What we often fail to realize is that new luxuries need to be treated with appreciation and respect. In his informative booklet “Before You Get Your Puppy,” longtime Berkeley local and renowned animal researcher, Dr. Ian Dunbar outlines aRead More →