Many pet owners have questions as to why it’s necessary to use anesthesia for dental cleanings.  These are valid concerns and The American Veterinary Medical Association has created a great podcast on that very topic. More pet owners are aware of the importance of dental care for their cats and dogs. But some pet owners are opting for teeth cleanings by non veterinarians at pet stores or groomers instead of a thorough oral examination and cleaning by a veterinarian. Some people are using this option because they believe it is less expensive than going to a veterinarian, or they’re afraid to have their dogs putRead More →

As the mercury dips around the Bay Area there are some things we pet owners can do to protect our furry pals: Never leave your dog or cat alone in the car for prolonged periods. In winter, cars can act as four wheeled refrigerators that trap the cold in rather than keep it out. If you bathe your dog or cat make sure they are completely dry before going outside. When grooming your dog or cat, a longer coat will provide more warmth so avoid shaving fur down to the skin. If you have a breed of animal that is hairless or has a veryRead More →

All year round our doctors treat animals that eat things they shouldn’t. The holiday season sees more of these cases than any other time of the year. Campus Veterinary Clinic thought now might be a good opportunity to let our clients know how to avoid these costly gastric mishaps. A lot of us have family and friends that visit us this time of year. These well meaning visitors may be inclined to give your pets treats that aren’t always the best for your animal’s health. Make sure your dog or cat isn’t given table scraps or any other food that may be intended for humanRead More →

You’ve got questions…lead technician Eryn Robinson’s got answers. Why should I brush my pet’s teeth? Dental health is directly related to your animal’s overall health. Unchecked, dental disease can impact more than your pet’s mouth. If cavities or gingivitis are allowed to progress, pathways can open for the associated bacteria to infect the body systemically. In severe cases, this bacteria can effect the heart, liver, kidneys and other major organs. At the very least it can cause bad breath, tooth loss, severe pain and inappetance. By brushing your pet’s teeth, you may avoid costly dental cleanings and keep your pet healthier. Something as simple asRead More →