Meet Mingo! A note from Mingo’s mama: Mingo and I met in 2007 when I adopted him from Berkeley East Bay Humane Society. He had been found as a stray in Central California (not sure how he managed to survive on the streets, as he is a very princely and pampered little guy).

I soon learned that Mingo was incredibly smart, and was able to train him to do various tasks that helped me with my mobility disability. Mingo can turn on touch lamps, pick up or fetch various items, and even close the door (although it requires a running start!). He comes to work with me every day to help out, or just sleep under my desk.

a dog lying on a blanket
Likes: He loves to play ball and eat bully sticks (even though we’re trying to cut back to maintain his handsome figure :)). I didn’t think this was possible for a dog, but he absolutely loves coming to the vet, where Dr. Reid and some of his other favorite people give him lots of love and treats!

Dislikes: Skateboards, bicycles, and my brother’s cat (other cats are fine, but she’s a bully!)

a dog sitting in a grassy field