My name is Doogie Howser and I’m a 11 month old cockapoo from SoCal. My dad adopted me from my parents when I was only 8 weeks old!
I’m a graduate of Sirius Puppy Training 1 and a lot of my dad’s friends compliment me on my recall. This past year has been a lot of fun and adventure in Ohlone Small Dog Park, Point Isabelle, and Albany Bulb.
When Dad and me aren’t out exploring the East Bay, I like to play tug-of-war, chew on/rip up my toys (but not squeaky toys), and lay down in my dad’s spot. I will never say no to a treat, belly rub, or attention from a stranger.
Likes: Treats, digging, rolling in sand, playing in water, Ohlone Small Dog Park, and Bite Club (my bffs Posey, Sesame, Maya, and Maze)
Dislikes: Squeaky toys, skateboards, basketballs, sirens, and baths

I look forward to celebrating my first birthday (1/9) with dad as we share the same birthday!

Photo Credit (for Grey Background Pictures): Tonya Perme Photography