Meet Finn!

In April of 2008, our roommate, Caitlin, told us that she had seen the most amazing cat up for adoption at PetSmart. Considering she had picked a winner in our cat, Mailbox, we took her advice and paid PetSmart a visit. As we approached the crates, a lone tabby paw stretched across our path, beckoning us closer. As soon as we met, we knew he was special! Finn has brought us so much joy over the past nine years we have spent together, always on hand to cuddle, console, or entertain. He is truly a remarkable cat with a very affectionate, personable manner and we are privileged to share our home with him.

Likes: visiting his friends at Campus Vet, chickens, sleeping like a person with his head on a pillow, chasing flying treats throughout the house, loud purring, ice cream, bothering Mailbox, researching escape tactics, honing escape skills so he can sit on the porch with his parents, making new friends when guests come to visit his home, attempting to groom humans, and men with beards.

Dislikes: being awakened, shame, having to say goodbye to guests who have visited his home, and being prohibited from his escape wizardry (especially when a gentle blocking of the door with a leg and the word “shoo” are involved).