Meet Chucho!


A note from Chucho’s family:

Someone came to me because she thought I’d like a dog who lived in the apartment below her, and was being badly abused . I wasn’t sure I was ready for a new dog, but after hearing a few horror stories, I was committed to getting him out of the situation. I gave her $50,and said “buy the dog”. She did, and the moment I saw him, I loved him.


My favorite thing about Chucho is, every day he makes someone smile. He’s cute, and he just loves everyone. He loves sitting in my lap in the morning while I read the paper, followed by a good walk, and he loves showing off his various tricks. He has no love for squirrels and isn’t so fond of a bath.


Chucho has a serious heart defect, and wasn’t supposed to live past 3. He just celebrated his 8th birthday, thanks to the team at Campus Veterinary Clinic. Thanks to Chucho for making me realize that every single day is a treasure.