Meet Sasquatch!


A little about the big boy, Sasquatch, from his parents:

How we met: As a kitten, Sasquatch came up to my friend outside a grocery store in the middle of a snowstorm and started purring and winding around her legs. He was starving and bleeding. But she already had 4 cats, and was deciding what to do when a little girl ran up and grabbed the cat in her arms. He purred louder than ever. The girl asked “Is this your cat? My mom won’t let me keep him, and I’m afraid he’s gonna DIE!” At which point my friend relented and took him home, calling it a Christmas miracle. Luckily I was looking for a cat, as her cats were not amused.

Sasquatch 5

Sasquatch 3

Likes/dislikes: He likes people, snuggles, anything a human is currently drinking, being part of the conversation, riding on people’s shoulders, dirt baths and walks.

Sasquatch 2

He doesn’t like squirrels.

Sasquatch 1