Meet Ty!

A note from Ty’s family:

Ty was born in a flower box belonging to a Norwegian family on a sunny afternoon in Corte Madera on June 4th to a Maine Coon mother and a neighbor cat who has remained anonymous. Ty came into my life when my then girlfriend’s little boy wanted a kitten. I was somehow elected as primary caretaker. Years later when we parted, he traveled with me.

Baby Ty
Baby Ty

Ty’s favorite things are being petted while he eats, playing treat hockey: sling a Greenie across the floor and he will catch it by smacking his paw down on it with amazing accuracy, and having conversations with people…talk to him, and he will talk back.

Ty Winter Coat Ty Throne Ty Yawn Ty Sitting Ty Paw Ty Food

He dislikes oral medications intensely, going to the groomers, loud noises, and chickens on his deck.

Ty Chicken

He’s loyal, meets me every day when I come home, sleeps next to me every night, and is my happy companion. I am blessed beyond measure to have his company and the Campus Vet team as my partner in his care. Thank you!

Ty Face Ty and Reid