Meet Gruff!

A note from Gruff’s family:
My husband Dan and I meet Gruff in a Minneapolis animal shelter.  We had been looking for a small dog, but when we saw Gruff looking sweet in his red bandanna, we knew we would take him home. Gruff has become a huge part of our lives and life is never boring with Gruff. There was the time he got side-swiped by a car on the freeway on-ramp.  Or the time he fell through the frozen Mississippi river and had to be rescued by his mom.  And the time he chased the mailman onto the back of his van.  Oh, yeah and the time he got an entire Thanksgiving turkey carcass down off the kitchen counter.  Through all his mishap, we still love him and know that Campus Vet will always be there to help save the day.
gruff and dad
Like: Meat of all kinds, belly rubs, chasing squirrels up trees
Dislikes: Neighborhood Nemesis dog (name omitted to protect the dog), mail people, and not getting meat.
gruff on the beach
gruff running