Oslo1Our friend Oslo is always on high alert for cookies and fun whenever he comes through the clinic doors. His enthusiasm is contagious and the staff here have come to appreciate his charming and lively disposition. Who better to feature as our latest “critter” than this loveable mutt?

His companion Barbara gives us the scoop on Oslo:


When I first met Oslo he had flattened himself to the back wall of his cage at the Berkeley Animal Shelter. If he had the power, I’m sure he would have dissolved into the wall and disappeared from sight.

I’d never owned a dog before and had been told by experienced dog owners that it was not a good idea to adopt a frightened dog. But it was too late. We had made eye contact and it was love at first sight for both of us.
Even after four years Oslo still follows me wherever I go. He is very jealous and barks at any stranger who takes my attention away from him.

oslo3He is by no means “well behaved”. He waits till I leave for work and then ransacks the house for anything of interest that is not locked up. Once I returned home and discovered Oslo with his mouth semi stuck together and reeking of peanut butter.  He had gotten a brand new jar of it down from the cupboard and managed to unscrew the cover. He emptied the jar to the extent that his tongue would reach.

His favorite game is called “you decide”. Rules are simple. We walk to a corner. I say “you decide”. Oslo looks carefully in all directions and then points his nose in the direction he wants to go. We repeat this at each corner. He never decides to go in the direction of our home.

Likes: treats, grass,playing catch, running off leash with his buddies, digging, snuggling, attention
Dislikes: delivery people, crowds, the smell of nail polish