DSC00285Cheddar, our latest featured critter, is a big wedge of adorable. His charm is undeniable to all he meets. Selecting him as our latest critter was a no brainer. This orange kitty is always a welcome visitor to our clinic.

His owner Debra was generous enough to give us the scoop on her furry pal.

“We adopted Cheddar two years ago from Hopalong Animal Rescue when he was a kitten. I knew I wanted a male orange tabby and started my search online. I found Cheddar’s picture on Hopalong’s website and thought he was cute as can be. He was called Ziggy then, also cute, but we had decided that Cheddar was the perfect name for an orange cat. We were fortunate in that we were able to meet him for the first time in our home. Rick, his foster dad, brought him over and we spent a good hour getting to know him. When he left for the evening, we were certain that he was the cat for us! Cheddar really is a wonderful cat. He has a very friendly, outgoing personality.  All of our friends love him as much as we do. He is not shy about meeting new people and if someone is at the door, he usually comes along to see who it is. He wasn’t even shy about meeting Barney, our friend’s large Bernese Mountain Dog, for the first time. We’re very happy that Cheddar is part of our family.”

DSC00264Likes: people and being with them, chin rubs, kneading Dad’s stomach, snuggling in Mom’s lap, his afternoon nap, burrowing in the pile of sheets on laundry day, eating
Dislikes: his monthly flea treatment, having his nails clipped, the coffee grinder, not being where the action is