Fufina close upAs Valentine’s Day approaches, who better to feature as our latest critter than this sweetheart? Fufina, as she is known to her friends, is a lovely little poodle of uncommon style and grace.

Name: Fufina
Age:  10 years
Breed:  Toy Poodle
Likes:  Curling up on your lap or cuddling next to you, no matter where you are.  Like a cat, she prefers to be up where the action is: a chair, a bed or even the coffee table; playing fetch with small apples or popcorn, or a good belly scratch.
Dislikes:  Grooming, bathing and the lady-like things that she should; loud noises and, recently, big dogs after being attacked by two Huskies.

Her companions David and Clay were happy to oblige us with her story:

“We met Fufina,who is named after a farm-dog we met in Northern Italy, at a rescue adoption fair in Walnut Creek.  David had locked his keys in the trunk of his car and while waiting to be rescued by his husband had an opportunity to meet The Fuf.

Fufina was picked up wandering the streets of Concord—matted, unspayed, with rumors and many rotting teeth.  When we met her she was skinny, mostly shaved, half-toothless and pretty drugged up:  sounds like a charmer, no?!

Her soulful eyes captured David’s attention, and by the time his husband and son arrived, the relationship was pretty much cemented.

Fufina table topDue to her semi-drugged state, Fufina was brought everywhere that David went: the office, the hardware store, the nursery—you name it.  It soon became apparent that she prefers her pillow under the office desk to staying home by herself. Fufina thrives on the company of humans.  She isn’t sure if she really is a dog,  she is more like a friendly cat.  She seems to have a fan club where ever she goes and became the mascot of the office, the mascot of our running group and fans established her own Facebook page, much to the chagrin of her owners…

She continues to melt our hearts, being the best rescue senior lady that we have welcomed into our home and if she’d permit, we would have a pack of poodles!”