So you may be thinking of adopting
a pet, right?  Adopting a pet is both a rewarding and long-term commitment.  Being prepared for such a responsibility is vital!  Instead of rushing to the nearest shelter, take a moment and educate yourself on what it means to adopt a pet.  Here are some helpful tips:

1.  Pet adoption is a process.

Adopting a pet takes time and consideration.  First, you want to make sure you know why you want to adopt.  This will help you decide what kind of pet will fit your lifestyle.  Secondly, researching different types of shelters will explain how long and involved their adoption processes are.  Adoption groups are not willing to let a pet be adopted without making sure he/she is going to a good home.

2.  Owning a pet is not cheap.

Evaluating your finances is vital before adopting a pet.  In addition to various adoption fees, you must be confident you can provide for an animal’s health care, food and identification.  The ASPCA created a pet care cost chart to illustrate just how much it takes to care for a pet.

3.  Pets need good homes.

Understanding that adoption has a specific time and place is crucial.  Other life decisions, such as moving to a new residence that may not allow pets, or new human additions to the family, should be considered when timing your pet adoption.  Many adoption groups will require information about your home, your lifestyle and who will be taking primary care of the pet.  Adoption groups will evaluate every aspect of a pet’s new potential home before they allow them to be adopted.

4.  Find a veterinary clinic.

A veterinary clinic is a constant resource for you and your pet.  Collecting research and finding reliable recommendations is key when choosing a veterinary clinic.  Researching a clinic’s services and reviews will help you to make the right decision for your pet.

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Check out the Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon for even more information about adoption on October 13-14 in San Rafael!



ASPCA: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting Five Things to Know Before You Adopt