kibbleA lot of pet owners believe that dry food serves to provide better protection against dental disease. While this seems a reasonable assumption, it’s actually inaccurate.

Genetics play a more significant role in an animal’s predisposition to dental disease. Many sighthounds such as greyhounds and whippets are prone as a breed to dental issues. Dachshunds also tend to have trouble with their teeth. We also find that a lot of cats have dental problems that are genetically based. Our doctors often discover litter mates suffer similar dental maladies.

Luckily, there are many dietary products now geared towards better dental health for your cats and dogs. Here at the clinic we have special chew treats that contain enzymatic cleaners that help prevent tartar and plaque. We also have a dry kibble for both cat and dogs called T/D that work great as treats. When picking a dental treat or diet, look for an endorsement from the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council).

Dental care is one of our clinic’s specialties. We really enjoy supporting our clients in taking good care of their animal’s teeth. Feel free to call and schedule a free dental exam. Our technicians can guide you in how to brush your pet’s teeth and give you an assessment of the status of your pet’s teeth. Call us with questions and concerns.