One of the more frustrating aspects of pet ownership is dealing with hair shedding. Our dogs and cats leave behind their fur on chairs, beds, car seats or in the form of giant dust bunnies. Unfortunately, we must accept that some degree of shedding is normal for cats and dogs.

There are a few things we can do to at least minimize the shedding. One of the easiest is brushing out the fur. In the summer months a lot of animals shed their undercoat. A good brush like the Furminator, can help thin out the coat and reduce the amount of fur left behind.

The health of your pet’s skin is directly related to the quality of their coat. Supplements like fish oils and omega oils can provide a good means by which to keep the skin toned and conditioned. It may also help the hair follicles hold the hair better.

Diet can also play a role. Depending on your pet’s needs, a change in food may enable your pet to reduce shedding and dry skin.

Finally, be aware that excessive hair loss could indicate something more serious. If you notice your pet shedding more than usual, experiencing bald patches or dry irritated skin consult with your veterinarian. Such symptoms could signal a variety of conditions and are best addressed by your doctor.