Couple on the beachWhen we travel we often leave our pet’s behind under another person’s care, whether it be a pet sitter or a neighbor. There are a few things that should be in place before your departure.

Make sure you have a meet and greet with your pet’s caretaker in your home. This is an opportunity to walk the person through where everything is (food bowls, litter, leashes, etc). It’s also a chance to see how your pet sitter interacts with your pet.

Ensure that your veterinary office knows you will be leaving the pet under another individual’s care, providing their name and contact info to the clinic staff. You should also give your clinic and pet sitter a document that provides authorization for medical care in the event you cannot be reached. At Campus Vet Clinic, we can provide you with a document stating your preferences in terms of care.

It’s important that you provide your pet sitter with ample supplies of food, litter and medication if needed. Make sure that the sitter is able to medicate your pet. If for some reason, medications can’t be given in your absence, discuss options with your veterinarian.

Call our staff if you have any concerns or questions about what your pet may need while you are away. Happy Trails!