Our two furry friends Red and Bird are so inseperable we decided it was time for our first double feature!

Their loving caretakers, Oakland’s Kent and Rebecca Cates couldn’t be happier to share with us the story of how they came to adopt these handsome gents.

“Bird and Red were both adopted from The Milo Foundation in August 2006. Both kitties were 4 months old at the time and although they were not litter mates, they had already formed a furry bond from sharing the same cage while waiting for their forever home. Bird was extremely shy, and Red comforted him by placing his paw on his, as if to say, “everything is going to be okay!”. They have been best buddies ever since, enjoying rough and tumble wrestling matches where the fur flies, as equally as shared grooming sessions.

Likes: Bird loves chasing a red laser light, while Red goes for the more organic, random moth or potato bug that gets in the house.

Dislikes: They both hate our rather loud doorbell and are not at all social with visitors, which is really too bad, because none of our friends really get to see how adorable these two are!