Ruby the puggleOur May Critter of the Month hails all the way from the Big Apple. Miss Ruby will charm your socks off and is a model patient when she comes to visit us here at the clinic. We thought she was a perfect choice this warm and sunny time of year. Her humans Erin and Scott were nice enough to oblige us with her story.

“Three years ago, we lived in Manhattan and wanted to adopt a puppy. Unfortunately, our building only allowed dogs under 25 lbs, and small dogs are in high demand in New York City. We tried every shelter and rescue group, but could only get put on long waiting lists. Finally, after searching online, we found someone in New Jersey with a 3 month-old puggle that needed a new home. He said she was a good puppy and very social, but she was also active and needed more attention than he was able to give her. We went to meet her and brought her home the very same day!

Ruby under a blanketRuby loved the excitement of living in the city, and to say she is social is an understatement. She quickly became best friends with our doormen, all the neighborhood dogs and their owners, and anybody else who stopped to pat her on the head. When she was 1 1/2 years old, I got a new job that meant we had to move to California. So we packed up and drove from New York to Berkeley, and Ruby got to see the country. Now she’s traded her one-bedroom apartment for a house with a big yard. From the window in “her” bedroom, she can watch the squirrels, birds and passers-by. She’s an exceptionally good-natured dog, and we’re lucky to have her! ”

Likes: watching squirrels, chasing cats, walks in the park, mealtime, rawhide bones

Dislikes: being left out of ANYTHING, motorcycles, skateboards, rolling suitcases

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