Did you know that when you take care of your pet’s teeth you are also taking care of their heart too? Generally we don’t naturally make the connection between the two.  Interestingly enough it seems they impact one another.

Certain disease causing bacteria can build up in the mouth when periodontal and gum disease are present. Bacteria can travel through the bloodstream via the gums. Bacteria can then travel to the heart, causing damage to the heart valves themselves. Such exposure may result in heart murmurs and other cardiac issues.

Fortunately, we can do a lot as pet owners towards preventing dental disease and thus prevent these conditions. Dental treats, teeth brushing at home and professional cleanings when needed help enormously. Campus Veterinary Clinic is happy to help you in these efforts. We always offer free dental exams with our trained technicians to guide you in at-home dental care and cleaning estimates. Please call us and talk to our staff if you have any questions about your animal’s teeth or general health care.