This week’s question is a little yucky, but deals with common feline issues. If you just ate, you might want to hold off reading this week’s post! We decided it might be useful to post a couple of videos that demonstrate examples of coughing and gagging.





What we are seeing in the above video is a feline cough. Coughing can be a symptom of a number of issues including feline asthma, cardiac problems or other respiratory conditions. Coughing in cats may point to serious underlying problems. It is always best to seek medical attention in order to diagnose exactly why your cat is coughing.



Vomiting in cats (and dogs) is not altogether unusual. The above video quite graphically shows us a cat that has issues with hairballs. In this particular instance, the cat is able to vomit up the hairball. When your cat has these hairball issues, you can always try an over the counter remedy such as Laxatone. If your cat vomits just food or liquid, our veterinarians warn that it could be a a sign of a serious underlying issue. Again, if your cat has persistant problems with vomiting, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.