It’s never easy selecting our Critter of the Month. All our patients here at the clinic are unique and special in their own way.

Puddin’ Baker (aka Pitt Bunny) went the extra mile to curry favor with our voting committee. With her imploring cookie gaze at the front counter and her bouncy “up for anything” attitude we never had a chance.

Puddin’ and her human pals Sarah and Judi jumped at the chance of sharing their rabbit-eared beauty with the world. This is their story…

“In January of 2006, we started actively looking for a dog to foster. We had one dog, Po, a pitbull mix, and we wanted to find the perfect friend for him. We had been looking at dogs on the Home at Last Rescue website when we noticed a dog named Pepper, and went to go visit her at the Berkeley shelter. She didn’t like Po very much, so while we were there, we said, “what about that girl we saw on the site, the one with the big ears?” We learned Puddin’s story—that she had been dropped off at the shelter via the night drop box. She was a year old and recently had puppies (the puppies were not dropped off with her). She had been at the shelter for four months. They brought Puddin’ out and the four of us went for a walk. She was so beautiful and sweet, and it was obvious Puddin’ and Po got along. We brought her home, and the fostering turned into adoption very soon afterward. We had her “official” adoption party on Easter, and invited all of our friends over to celebrate. We lost Po to cancer in 2009, and it was very hard for all of us, especially Puddin’. Last year, we adopted an older brother for her through Muttville (a senior dog rescue). His name is Smokey and they have become very good friends. Puddin’ is now six, and makes us laugh everyday. She loves everyone, and is a great ambassador for the pitbull breed. We can’t imagine our life without her. ”

Likes: Hogging the bed, cheese, her best friend Ellie (an SF Animal Cop), gopher hunting, BBQs, bones, sleeping, sunbathing, road trips, cereal, pugs, pillows and blankets, visits to the pet store (“look, a buffet!”), and going to the vet (really!)

Dislikes: Fireworks, the vacuum cleaner, empty food bowls, and being cold.

Puddin’ has already starred in her own “mockumentary.” You can check it out on YouTube by clicking here. (Be advised there’s some “salty” language!)