"Sparky" WardThis month’s choice of “critter,” was a no-brainer in our opinion. “Sparky” Ward is a pint-sized ball of charisma . A regular visitor to our front desk (for cookies!), the staff are always cheered by his positive energy.

Owners Drew and Jim offered to tell us more about Sparky’s background. Drew tells the story:

“We had considered getting a dog for quite a while, and I checked out the web page for the Humane Society in Vallejo. There was a little, thin, bright-eyed puppy with enormous ears. Love at first sight. He had been found wandering the streets at two months old. We took him for a little walk around the parking lot, held him, and there seemed to be a spark. He had to stay at the Humane Society for a week before we could take him home, to finish his shots. When I put my fingers through the bars of his kennel to say “see you in a week,” he held them between his front paws and gently nibbled. Once we had him home, we went through an adjustment period, particularly to his understandable separation anxiety. Crate training worked beautifully, and at night he’d just wander into his crate when we’d say “time for sleep, Sparky.” Sparky at restHe’s my retired partner’s companion while I’m at work, and the explosively enthusiastic greeting Sparky gives me when I get home makes even the dreariest day so much better. Don’t know what we’d do without the “Little Guy,” he makes our hearts happy!”

Likes: Gnawing on a bully stick, “killing” a toy creature by shaking it madly and then throwing it into the air, walks in new territories to sniff and mark, rides in the car with his humans, running really really fast, particularly when playing with another dog, holding onto his humans’ shoulder for a high perspective playing “shoulder monkey.”

Dislikes: Being left alone, squirrels or cats invading his territory, wet weather (definitely not a “water dog!).

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