For charm and joie de vivre, look no further than our feline friend Richter Devries. Owner Heidi has been so kind as to share with us his story and what makes him tick.

“I had just lost my previous kitty to Fatty Liver Disease, and I went to the shelter to look for a new friend.  I asked the assistant to tell me who was the cat there that no one else wanted, and she pointed at a giant fat tabby.  He and his brother had come into the shelter together after their previous owner had died.  Someone had adopted both of them together…but then had brought Richter back on his own after only one night, presumably because they had decided they didn’t want two huge cats.  The assistant said he was clearly feeling a little sad after being separated from his brother.  She opened Richter’s cage, and he looked up at me and put his paw on my arm.  The rest, as they say, is history.”

Likes: Food. Lying on his back in sunbeams. Sharpening his claws on the couch instead of any variety of scratching posts. Food. His catnip cigar. Chewing on anything not nailed down. Food. Watching birdies through the window. Snuggling with his favorite sweater of mine. Food. Having his teeth brushed. Being an iPad stand. Food.

Dislikes: His diet. Also his exercise regimen. Which consists of me holding his food bowl above his head and making him run laps before he gets to eat.

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