For those who have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing that hits the spot better than a little Betsy Cupcake. This adorable English Bulldog makes friends wherever she goes.

Her guardians  Joe and Traci found her through Virtual Pet Adoptions in December 2008. Betsy was definitely in need of some TLC. They found her suffering from depression, obesity and bad skin sores. Joe and Traci immediately administered a steady diet of love and pampering.

All of that good care and attention has paid off. At the ripe old age of 11, Betsy Cupcake has a ton of pep in her step. According to her caretakers, she loves long walks (but only when it’s not too sunny). Traci says, Betsy Cupcake can be “very stubborn and protest walks if we don’t go the way she wants to go.”

Likes: chasing squirrels and cats, trying to keep up with the fast dogs at the park, stomach and haunch rubs, being picked up and put on the couch (even though she has her own ramp), naps on plush beds, hypo-allergenic treats

Dislikes: not being the center of attention, being told she needs to lose weight, itchy skin, stomach aches.

Campus Veterinary Clinic can’t think of a better candidate for this May’s Critter of the Month than Betsy Cupcake. Think your pet is a candidate? Email us at .