Sometimes good things come in big packages…130 pound packages to be exact. “Puck” Witalis is a 9 year-old Malamute and a proud Bay Area native. According to owner Deborah, Puck was born one of eight puppies on the coldest morning of 2002. His mother was of AKC Canadian stock while his father was a local boy.

Says Deborah, “Puck chose us by waddling across the deck and looking up with big brown eyes that seemed to say ‘I’m the one you’ve been waiting for’….so much for romance .”

LIKES: his rubber rooster (see above), hiding things behind couch cushions, stealing toilet paper rolls, anything remotely edible, gentle pets from attractive young women.

DISLIKES: car rides, restricted diets, dinner not promptly served at exactly 4:15pm, noogies.

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