As the mercury dips around the Bay Area there are some things we pet owners can do to protect our furry pals:

Bulldog in a sweater

  • Never leave your dog or cat alone in the car for prolonged periods. In winter, cars can act as four wheeled refrigerators that trap the cold in rather than keep it out.
  • If you bathe your dog or cat make sure they are completely dry before going outside.
  • When grooming your dog or cat, a longer coat will provide more warmth so avoid shaving fur down to the skin. If you have a breed of animal that is hairless or has a very short coat, consider a sweater.
  • Warm automobiles may be dangerous for cats. The warm engine of a parked car can draw the attention of a cold feline so take a quick look underneath your vehicle before setting off.
  • Make sure your animal has a bed with at least one good blanket for insulation.

Our doctors encourage you to call us at the clinic if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you and your pets stay warm and cozy through our Bay Area winter.