Kitty comeback

If you are a client you may have spied a fluffy orange cat haunting our hallways. His name is Soldier and this four year old tabby first came to us in a much sadder incarnation.

A couple of years ago Berkeley Animal Control asked Dr Yen to treat a cat with a serious wound on his side. Our clinic sees shelter animals quite often for medical issues.  As B.A.C. had described, the wound was indeed serious. Soldier’s injuries showed signs of infection and he’d had them for some time. Additionally, he was found to be FIV positive (learn about FIV here).

The future was looking bleak for the shelter kitty and the possibility of euthanasia was discussed. Both Dr. Reid and Dr. Yen opted to give Soldier a fighting chance. Dr Reid performed surgery in order to clean the wound and salvage the remaining healthy tissue. Soldier was put on a course of strong antibiotics and the staff worked hard to put some weight on his skinny frame with a good diet.

Slowly but surely Soldier rallied. It was determined he had allergies and with the right food, his fluffy coat flourished. The antibiotics did their job and Soldier’s energy returned.

Not surprisingly, this handsome specimen had endeared himself to the doctors and staff. Over his time with the clinic he has amassed a large collection of kitty toys (his fave being a little pink pig) and has his own drinking fountain. There’s been talk of finding him a home outside the clinic, but I’m not sure we could part with him.