When life gave her lemons, our Critter of the Month made lemonade. Emma Gray lost one of her legs to cancer over a year ago. She has impressed us all with her pluck and can-do attitude in the wake of this loss. With the support of her loving owner Siobhan she has served as a shining example to all of us here in how to overcome life’s obstacles. Emma was an easy choice for our star patient this month. Here’s her story in Siobhan’s words: “I met Emma then Cleo at the Manhattan Beach SPCA storefront on July 14, 2002.  She was a high energyRead More →

We present to you a very distinguished fellow for this month’s Critter of The Month. Milo, a 17lb hunk of handsome, leaves an indelible impression upon all he chooses to grace with his presence. Owner Eleanore is his number one fan and personal manager. We are so happy she chose to share his story with us. Milo is a very large “Snowshoe Siamese,” (more on that later) an important member of our family for over eleven years. We originally met Milo at the Berkeley Pound. In a very unusual situation, someone had dropped off a whole cat family the night before, the mother and fatherRead More →

 Bassett Hounds may be known as hunting dogs, but our friend Lucy Flint prefers a more sedate lifestyle. She has endeared our staff with her soulful gaze and polite demeanor. Her human Amy kindly shares with us the story of how Lucy joined their household. “After 13 years with a very energetic yellow lab and 2 years pet-free, my husband and I decided we were ready for a low-energy four-legged friend. I started combing petfinder regularly for bassett hounds and one day came across a litter of the  cutest basset-beagle puppies you’ve ever seen!  I emailed right away and was told that all of theRead More →

Our orange friend Ed Lease seems an excellent choice for the Halloween season. This mature 19 year-old gent makes his home in Alameda with his favorite human Carla.  She has graciously agreed to share her and Ed’s story: “In January of 1992, when I finally managed to rent a flat in San Francisco that accepted pets, I went to the city pound in search of a kitten. Once there, I found that it wasn’t really kitten season. Before leaving, however, an adult cat caught my eye. He was a ginger Tom who had recently been neutered and was very, very shy. I noticed there wasRead More →

It’s never easy selecting our Critter of the Month. All our patients here at the clinic are unique and special in their own way. Puddin’ Baker (aka Pitt Bunny) went the extra mile to curry favor with our voting committee. With her imploring cookie gaze at the front counter and her bouncy “up for anything” attitude we never had a chance. Puddin’ and her human pals Sarah and Judi jumped at the chance of sharing their rabbit-eared beauty with the world. This is their story… “In January of 2006, we started actively looking for a dog to foster. We had one dog, Po, a pitbullRead More →

Our good friend Mau Mau Rodevich has agreed to be our Campus Critter of the Month for August. Owners Kate and Michael share their home with this handsome and beguiling Bombay cat and were kind enough to share his story. Michael tells us how this fellow came into their lives: “Around 15 years ago we lost our old cat, and after 6 months of grieving were just feeling sadly cat-less. We bought cat books to ease the jones, but didn’t count on falling in love with any of the breeds — after all, we thought, one doesn’t buy purebreds. But Kate fell hard for theRead More →