Could your pet be allergic to fleas? Fleas are not always the cause of itchy skin! Having trouble deciding on the right flea control? Could your pet be allergic to fleas? Studies have shown that there are over 15 different antigens in the saliva of the flea. Each one of these is capable of causing an allergic response in a sensitive cat or dog. Despite recent advances in flea control, flea bite allergies and flea bite dermatitis still continue to be common problems. Cats and dogs rarely become desensitized to flea bites once they develop an allergy. Cats and dogs that are not allergic toRead More →

The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth! Common Questions about Dental Disease What Can You Do at Home for Your Pet’s Teeth? The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth! Facts about Dental Disease Periodontal disease is the single greatest challenge in dentistry and it is the most frequently seen condition in the veterinary hospital. Gum disease affects 85% of dogs and cats over three years of age. This disease of the supportive structures of the teeth is progressive, unrelenting, usually non-regenerative, and incurable. With proper care, however, it is manageable, and one must think prevention rather than cure when thinking about this disease.Read More →