Our clinic is happy to announce it has now replaced it’s analog x-ray equipment with a state-of-the-art digital system. This new technology makes it easier for our staff to obtain radiographs faster and has improved image quality by leaps and bounds. Our doctors are now able to appreciate more detail and contrast with the superior quality that our IDEXX DR 1417 machine provides. Most importantly this means better tools to care for all our patients. As we move into a new year we will continue to seek new and better ways to serve you and your pets. Please let us know if you feel thereRead More →

The Associated Press has published a story that relates how children who suffer allergies now have help in the form of medical therapy dogs. These  dogs can serve as buffers between the child and a potentially dangerous environment. The dogs are specifically trained to sniff out allergens and alert the owners to their presence. NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Boo and Riley are more than affectionate, protective family pets. To their owners, the specially trained dogs are a furry layer of security to sniff out peanut products and other life-threatening allergens. The dogs’ Connecticut owners are among many people nationwide turning to allergy-sniffing service dogs,Read More →