This week SF Gate reported the publishing of a new book called “Awkward Family Pet Photos.” There are certainly some gems in here that are worth your perusal. Our staff certainly enjoyed some of these choice shots. Click here to see what the book has to offer!Read More →

We here at Campus Veterinary Clinic get a kick out of useless trivia. Here’s some factoids you can use at your upcoming holiday parties. Tallest Dog Ever: A Great Dane called Giant George from the USA was measured at 43 inches tall in February 2010. Smallest Living Dog: The smallest dog, in terms of height, is a long hair Chihuahua called Boo Boo, from Kentucky. She measured just four inches tall in 2007. Largest Litter by a Dog: A Neapolitan Mastiff from the United Kingdom gave birth to a litter of 24 puppies on Nov. 29, 2004 (23 puppies survived into adulthood). Loudest Bark byRead More →

Sunday the 14th, the staff of Campus Veterinary Clinic got together for a BBQ in the lovely Tilden Park. Good times and good eatin’ were had by all! Here are a couple of pictures of the get together.  Read More →