My name is Doogie Howser and I’m a 11 month old cockapoo from SoCal. My dad adopted me from my parents when I was only 8 weeks old! I’m a graduate of Sirius Puppy Training 1 and a lot of my dad’s friends compliment me on my recall. This past year has been a lot of fun and adventure in Ohlone Small Dog Park, Point Isabelle, and Albany Bulb. When Dad and me aren’t out exploring the East Bay, I like to play tug-of-war, chew on/rip up my toys (but not squeaky toys), and lay down in my dad’s spot. I will never say noRead More →

Meet Finn! In April of 2008, our roommate, Caitlin, told us that she had seen the most amazing cat up for adoption at PetSmart. Considering she had picked a winner in our cat, Mailbox, we took her advice and paid PetSmart a visit. As we approached the crates, a lone tabby paw stretched across our path, beckoning us closer. As soon as we met, we knew he was special! Finn has brought us so much joy over the past nine years we have spent together, always on hand to cuddle, console, or entertain. He is truly a remarkable cat with a very affectionate, personable mannerRead More →

Meet Lurch! A note from Lurch’s family:  One day in New York, while I was in graduate school, my former partner and I were walking out of the apartment when my partner stopped and gasped. I looked and saw Lurch standing there. It turns out that my former partner’s roommate was taking care of Lurch while Lurch’s original parents figured out what they were doing after a breakup. This is how I first met him.  We became companions after I found out that Lurch’s original parents were going to put him down and my former partner’s roommate was allergic so they couldn’t keep him. At this point,Read More →

We adopted Joojeh from Family Dog Rescue in SF in Jan 2016. In just over a year, he’s become an inseparable part of our family and has traveled with us all over California and the rest of the country. Joojeh loves cats (like his sister Pru), treats, and checking out new places, but he’s still figuring out how to play with other dogs and doesn’t understand why vacuums and trucks have to be so loud and scary. He’s very excited to be Critter of the Month! You can follow along with all of Joojeh’s fun adventures @sirjoojalot on Instagram.Read More →

Meet Mimzy! The Mimzy origin story begins in a cold Dallas suburb in November of 2006. Her previous owners had abandoned her when they moved to a different state, leaving her to fend for herself on the mean Texas streets. Despite not being “cat people,” my in-laws brought her into their home, where she became the unwilling roommate of three smelly beagles. When my husband and I visited his parents over Christmas, we met Mimzy and instantly fell in love. Her bright blue, slightly-crossed eyes and sweet demeanor warmed our hearts. It didn’t take long for us to decide that she would be much happierRead More →

Meet Poochers! I adopted Poochers from a couple in Chico, CA when she was only 8 weeks old. She is 6 and half years old now! I had six housemates in Davis, CA for the first three years of Poochers‘ life so she was conditioned to be very social from a very young age. I took her to agility training classes for several months about a year ago. Some of Poochers‘ tricks include fetching beers, jumping through hoops, playing dead, and the army crawl. She really likes hikes and her favorite thing in the world is food, particularly smelly meats like duck and bologna. SheRead More →