We proudly present to you Miss “Trinket” Hurst. This 7lb canine charmer comes to us by way of Oakland. She is a Chihuahua mix that beguiles most anyone she meets. Despite her age, she is sprightly and and full of moxie. Her human (Karen) has been kind enough to share with us a little more about what makes this girl tick. Likes: Walks. Walks. More walks! Cat food. Lots of naps. Piles of blankets to sleep on. Dislikes: Being hugged too tightly (who doesn’t?). Having her paws touched. Being informed that her walk is over. Campus Veterinary Clinic is proud to have Trinket as aRead More →

Meet “Kevin” Smith! Kevin is a 6 year-old domestic short hair cat. He shares his Oakland home with  cat “Nancy Plumpers,” pug “Ubermeyer” and human Lance. His caretaker describes him as  follows: 5% Sweet as can be 15% Unprovoked crabbiness 80% Sleeping Although gifted with striking good looks (note the Tom Selleck mustache), Kevin is a complex guy. Some more about Kevin: LIKES:  Nancy-Plumpers, feathers, gravy, his independence DISLIKES:  Nancy-Plumpers, eyedrops, anything not on his terms, falcons Does your pet have what it takes to be a Campus Critter of the Month? Email us at .Read More →