Meet Mimzy! The Mimzy origin story begins in a cold Dallas suburb in November of 2006. Her previous owners had abandoned her when they moved to a different state, leaving her to fend for herself on the mean Texas streets. Despite not being “cat people,” my in-laws brought her into their home, where she became the unwilling roommate of three smelly beagles. When my husband and I visited his parents over Christmas, we met Mimzy and instantly fell in love. Her bright blue, slightly-crossed eyes and sweet demeanor warmed our hearts. It didn’t take long for us to decide that she would be much happierRead More →

Meet Poochers! I adopted Poochers from a couple in Chico, CA when she was only 8 weeks old. She is 6 and half years old now! I had six housemates in Davis, CA for the first three years of Poochers‘ life so she was conditioned to be very social from a very young age. I took her to agility training classes for several months about a year ago. Some of Poochers‘ tricks include fetching beers, jumping through hoops, playing dead, and the army crawl. She really likes hikes and her favorite thing in the world is food, particularly smelly meats like duck and bologna. SheRead More →

Meet Eagle! Eagle was born May 2012 and quickly found his way to the Oakland Animal Shelter. We were looking to adopt a new cat to start 2013, and we made the decision to adopt a black cat because we knew how much more difficult it was for them to find a home. It was love at first sight as we played with him, and the shelter staff was thrilled that he was finally adopted after many long months of waiting. Eagle quickly made an impression on our other cats, and his endless energy has always kept things interesting! Whether it’s running through the apartmentRead More →

Meet Cashew! We first met Cashew at an adoption event for the Stonecliff rescue group where he was the most snuggly, best behaved puppy we’d ever met. We marvel daily at how much we love him, and how much goofy entertainment and joy he brings to our lives. He loves nothing more than ball, but treats and hikes are a close second. His biggest fear are the hellbeasts known as city buses with their loud, large, terrifying drive-bys.Read More →

Meet Rufus! When Rufus was about two months old he was rescued by an amazingly awesome Berkeley Police Department Officer during an arrest of his then owner. The Officer turned Rufus over to the Berkeley Animal Shelter, which is when he came to my attention. I had never seriously thought about adopting a cat, but something about his face and his story compelled me to visit him. When I did, there was no going back. When the Officer saw him, she realized there was something special about him… and something different about his tail. Unlike most cats, Rufus has a twisty, short, stubby tail: RufusRead More →

In honor of Senior Pet Adoption Month we bring you a story from staff member Rosa: I adopted my senior cat, Fatty, the day that she was to be euthanized at the shelter. Why was she going to be euthanized? Well, she was oldish – about 11 and had terrible periodontal disease. She has been at the shelter for over 3 months and her time was up. I immediately fell in love with the sassy resting-grumpy face and hearty purr. The day I brought her home was the first day in my new apartment. She walked about of the carrier, sniffed around, and then satRead More →