Meet Lurch!

A note from Lurch’s family: 

One day in New York, while I was in graduate school, my former partner and I were walking out of the apartment when my partner stopped and gasped. I looked and saw Lurch standing there. It turns out that my former partner’s roommate was taking care of Lurch while Lurch’s original parents figured out what they were doing after a breakup. This is how I first met him. 

We became companions after I found out that Lurch’s original parents were going to put him down and my former partner’s roommate was allergic so they couldn’t keep him. At this point, they asked him if I would adopt him, and the rest is history! 

He’s been my cuddly prince of darkness ever since. 

Dislikes: butt scratches, dirty surfaces, loud sounds, people who don’t listen to his demands,

Likes: playing hand hide and seek, scratches of the top of the head/neck/chin, food, all of my softest blankets, quietly sneaking into Uncle Andrea’s room