Meet Mimzy!

The Mimzy origin story begins in a cold Dallas suburb in November of 2006. Her previous owners had abandoned her when they moved to a different state, leaving her to fend for herself on the mean Texas streets. Despite not being “cat people,” my in-laws brought her into their home, where she became the unwilling roommate of three smelly beagles. When my husband and I visited his parents over Christmas, we met Mimzy and instantly fell in love. Her bright blue, slightly-crossed eyes and sweet demeanor warmed our hearts. It didn’t take long for us to decide that she would be much happier living with us in California…with the cat people she deserved.

Likes: sitting on laps, tummy rubs, salmon treats, sunny mornings, and having your undivided attention.

Dislikes: when mom sleeps in, static electricity, loud noises, and when hands are used for anything besides petting her.