Meet Eagle!

Eagle was born May 2012 and quickly found his way to the Oakland Animal Shelter. We were looking to adopt a new cat to start 2013, and we made the decision to adopt a black cat because we knew how much more difficult it was for them to find a home. It was love at first sight as we played with him, and the shelter staff was thrilled that he was finally adopted after many long months of waiting.

Eagle quickly made an impression on our other cats, and his endless energy has always kept things interesting! Whether it’s running through the apartment chasing flies or knocking things off the shelf in the middle of the night he’s always sure to make his presence known. He loves to be the center of attention, and if you’re fortunate he’ll even sit still long enough to let you pet him.

Some of his favorite activities include staring out the window, biting cardboard boxes, diving under bedsheets, playing with the neighbor cats and making a lot of noise at home. He doesn’t like loud noises, stormy weather, and he tends to struggle with meeting new people. Even though he is very shy at first, once he opens up he’s one of the most charming cats around!