How did we meet? How does any relationship begin these days, online.

I’d spent several weeks looking at profile after profile of mature males with charming pictures, clever screen names and flattering descriptions: sporty, laid back, cuddly or mellow. I’d read them all, bookmarked a few even called to arrange some meetings. When I’d meet them I found these older guys to be lacking, jaded “seen it all” or too assertive almost aggressive, they would have done anything to go home with me ,frankly it was a turn off , I was feeling zero spark, zero chemistry.

Then late one Friday afternoon I was checking the website one more time, reviewing the profiles and hoping someone new had posted, there he was his screen name Jose, what a face those eyes ,big brown sleepy eyes , the most beautiful hair , and his coloring “all tan all the time “ that sounded outdoorsy, just what I was looking for. One thing I wasn’t expecting ….he was so young, less than half the age of the other guys I was looking at. I worried, would I be able to keep up with him? Was I too old for him?? Could his profile really be true “a day dreaming, easy going, relaxed guy” Wow!

I immediately made contact and set up a meeting before close of business, figuring a young guy with his looks and demeanor would be snapped up by the end of the weekend. Fighting rush hour traffic down the 880 on a Friday was a testament to my excitement. I wouldn’t do that for just anyone. I made it to our meeting just shortly before closing. I waited for him in a quiet private room. When the door opened our eyes locked, I smiled he barreled into my arms, I laughed I cried it was like I’d known him all my life, like being reunited with a long lost friend. Shortly after we met he revealed his name was actually Rudy. I sometimes call him Rudy Jose or RJ reminding ourselves of our first meeting.


In the 4 months I’ve known Rudy he has continued to grow and challenge himself. He recently completed a 6 week personal development course where he mastered the moves sit and lay down. He is presently applying to a graduate program where he hopes study the more advanced concepts of Stay and Come. I think he’s up to the challenge and seems to love my encouragement.

In our life together we share a deep appreciation for nature, we both love to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible. Many long hours gardening together in our shady back yard, Rudy digs while I plant, on a trip to my favorite Marin county beach, Rudy was bonkers for bird watching one of my favorite pastimes and proved to be an avid beachcomber leaving no shell or seaweed unturned. We recently returned from a trip to the Sierra where we reveled in the Alpine splendor. Hiking in the Carson pass area at 9000 ft. was no problem for Rudy, he scrambled effortlessly up the rock and log strewn trail. We’re presently planning some camping adventures for next year after Rudy completes his graduate program.


Rudy has proven to be an enthusiastic companion, he has taught me to greet each new day with joy and wonder. He has shown me the beauty of the world through fresh new eyes.

Rudy is Mr. Perfect. Rudy is a keeper.